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Comprehensive Items List

Post by Darendor »

Ever wonder what a I-Ching was for? Or how about that there Staff of Mangar?

Personally, there's a few items out there that I have no idea what they're for. Dork ring, for one. Sorcerstaff, for two...and what do Blood Mesh Robes do? Or Eelskin tunics?


So I propose we band together and post our observations on all items in BTIII - what they do, who can/cannot use them, how many charges (or infinite) and what their effects are.

Anyone in?
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Post by Banky »

That's a pretty good idea. When I last replayed Thief of Fate I was constantly on the look for some useful informations about the many items BT3 yields.

I came across these two lists which I ended up using every time I found a new mysterious item.



However, there is no explanation for the Dork Ring or what I-Ching does.
But one list says Blood Mesh Robe extends spell duration. From the other list I learned that Staff of Mangar has a possession attack, Sorcerer's Staff casts DIIL and Eelskin Tunic seems to be a nice AC Bonus instrumet for hunters.
But there's still much to find out. :-)
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