Please help!!

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Gil Lopez

Please help!!

Post by Gil Lopez »

Thanks for keeping BT alive. I have a specific inquery. I actually bought BTCS back in 1992 and still have the install disk, but somewhere along the line, I got munched. I really don't know how. I was wondering if you have any line on the original install files that go on that disk. It was a disk with two files...........


These were the original install files from the original DOS version.

I've tried to run the download files, but they don't run on my actual DOS/Win3.1 system (yes, I keep an old "legacy" system running for the express purpose of running old programs like btcs).

Any help is appreciated -


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BTCS originals

Post by Dravrah »

Can't help with original files but the BTCS seems to run on most win versions ok can't vouch for VISTA. With the win environment you can at least just ALT-TAB and close it down if testing and something goes wrong like a teleport into nothing ness.... :)

And ya to keeping ye old system, I still have my original MS DOS 5, MSDOS 6.22 (the best yet) and BEOS5 system disks.
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