Couple of issues on winuae w/BT3

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Couple of issues on winuae w/BT3

Post by misterhamtastic »

My issues are that a)I can't transfer characters for some reason and b)bt3 will not save characters to the refugee camp. I'm using default settings, so are these bugs I haven't heard about or something?

Well, aside from the whole slayer doesn't slay, etc. game mechanics being wonky. I did level up a wind dragon the other day, which was bizarre to me.

Anyway, if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it, or should I go back to what I played these games on the first time-C64?
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Post by tpth »

Which port are you using? Is that an Amiga one?

I've been playing through BT3 on C64 recently and have been amazed at how much better it is. I played the DOS port as a kid and it was pretty terrible - dragons didn't breathe, various items didn't work, the animations were wonky, etc etc. The C64 version is way better. I suggest you give that a try.
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