Snare #1

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Snare #1

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Worked my way through Bards Tale 1 (DOS) and now just starting Bards Tale 2 (DOS). Owned both of these games on my C64 back in the 80's, but never finished them.... Always bothered me - so doing so now...

Having problem with Snare #1.

I have the old guy join my party, we all drink from the fountain and become poisened. We then fight the Toxic guy and win.

Then Segment #1 is not appearing for me.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

Any ideas?
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Post by Darendor »


- put the Old Warrior in slot #1
- give him the "Torch!" item
- get everyone poisoned (including the Old Warrior)
- head back to the cloudy face, and then the segment should be available

Check the Old Warrior's inventory for it.
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