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WinUAE Problems

Post by Jacob »

Hi. I was trying to get the bard's tale to work with winuae, but when I load the bard's tale boot disk adf file in winuae and reset, it goes to Amiga DOS with the error :


I also tried loading the character disk and resetting, but then it just remains a black screen. I tried using an a_500 config for winuea but that did not work either. And yes, I have a kickstart rom loaded, I am able to play other adf images for instance Exile

If you can help me out, thanks. If not, thanks for making the bard's tale available anyways.

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Post by Brian the Fist »

I was able to reproduce your error message. It is caused by a wrong WinUAE (latest version 0.9.92) configuration. With the correct configuration I was able to play Bard's Tale without any problems.

See this link with a screenshot of my configuration, so you should be able to get Bard's Tale to work as well.

Sorry, it is a German WinUAE version but hopefully you are able to find the respective settings in your (English?) version too.
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To early.
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