Directions from the Sage's Hut

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Directions from the Sage's Hut

Post by tpth »

Hey all,

Somewhat obscure question, but I just remembered something about BTII that has been bugging me for years. On the back of the box of the PC version, there was a screenshot with a hut and the "Where am I?" co-ordinates you get by pressing ? in the wilderness.

The thing is, the co-ordinates were by reference to the Sage's Hut, whereas in the PC version, they were always expressed in squares north and/or east of Tangramayne. The screenshot on the box was from the C64 version, so I always assumed it was just a minor difference between versions.

But somehow, weirdly, just once, I somehow managed to get similar co-ordinates on the PC version - ie. pressing ? gave directions to the Sage's Hut, not Tangramayne. At the time I had no idea how I did it, and in the 20+ years since, I've never been able to replicate it. So... does anyone know the answer?
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Post by Darendor »

From what I remember from the C64 version, there were 2 ways of finding your bearings in the Wilderness:

a) Pressing "?", which used the Sage's Hut as 0N 0E.
b) Casting SCSI, which used the entrance to Tangramayne as 0N 0E.

That probably is not helpful to you though. :?
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