... The first 16 pages??

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... The first 16 pages??

Post by toper »

One thing I've never understood is the page numbers for the manual:

BT I Manual: page numbers 17-48
BT II Manual: Page numbers 51-91
BT III Manual: Page numbers 95-126
BTCS Manual: Page Numbers 130-161
DragonWars : Page Numbers 203-271

Where are the first 16 pages, and the ~42 pages missing from BTCS and Dragonwars?

I thought maybe wasteland, but that manual is pages 1-25
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Post by dulsi »

The scans are from the Ultimate RPG Archive. I don't have the book next to me at the moment. The pages are used for manuals for other games I believe.
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Post by ManicWonk »

Yes, the rest of the Ultimate RPG Archives manual is for other games: "Stonekeep" comes before the BT I section; "Ultima Underworld" after BTCS. If the Title and Contents pages are not included, the page count looks correct.
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