Darkon - My C64 Game

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Darkon - My C64 Game

Post by danp68 »

Yeah, I actually wrote a full CRPG for the C64 over 2 decades ago. It was a shareware homage to Ultima, written 100% in 6502 Assembly (which I unfortunately don't remember a thing about:


Okay, it doesn't compare to Ultima and the documentation is long gone. But it has several towns, several dungeons, and a full storyline. Play balance isn't what it should be, and battles take way too long. But it was a fun learning experience and I am proud that I actually wrote a CRPG in 6502.

If you decide to give it a shot on a C64 emulator, feel free to complain to me

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Post by danp68 »

BTW some important points from the lost documentation. The "up arrow" on the C64 keyboard was used to exit dungeons. And if you don't have a torch or a light spell, you can't see inside of dungeons (per Ultima and BT).

Spells are single letters of the alphabet which correspond to each class of spell caster just like Ultima III (a,b,c...). Damned if I remember which was which, but maybe I can piece them together if anyone is interested enough to play Darkon.

These are a work in progress as I figure it out again

Movement is identical to Ultima III. Using the PC keyboard:
; Move West
' Move Right
[ Move North
/ Move South

F1 - View Character
F3 - Trade an Item (Weapon or Armor) from 1 Character to Another
S - Save the Game
E - Enter a Town
D - Dress a Character with a piece of Armor
R - Ready a Weapon
T - Talk
U - Use a Fountain (followed by a direction)
A - Attack
G - Get
L - Light a Torch
C - Cast a Spell
B - Bomb (from a Ship)
C64 Up Arrow - Exit a Dungeon (when at the stairs up)
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Post by ZeroZero »

I downloaded it, but dunno when able to try it out. I never liked the Ultima series for their fugly game interface anyway ;-)
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Post by MazinKaesar »

I will try it! :)
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