Beginning Ranged Weapons

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Beginning Ranged Weapons

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I know once you get your mages up to snuff they are kind of worthless, but I wanted to see what low level parties can use to save the fledgling caster some spell points. I made seven warriors and spammed each ranged weapon to get these results. Axes do better damage thrown than wielded.

Shuriken, 4-16 Damage, Range 30'
War Axe, 6-24 Damage, Range 20'
Mithril Axe, 6-24 Damage, Range 20'
Spear, 5-20 Damage, Range 20'
Spell Spear, 8-32 Damage, Range 40'
Boomerang, 12-48 Damage, Range 40'

Arrows, 3-12 Damage, Range 30'
Mthr Arrows, 9-36 Damage, Range 40'
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Re: Beginning Ranged Weapons

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Currently goofing around in the catacombs again, it seems like the challenge is praying for the ranged weapons to drop in sufficient numbers to make a difference.
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