Problem with Gold Vanishing

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Problem with Gold Vanishing

Post by kalistan »

Every time I save the gold disappears on me. I try saving party, I try leaving the game at the adventurers guild. Anyone have any clues. Every party member loses the gold. I think I am also having trouble with experience...I think it to has gone screwy.
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Re: Problem with Gold Vanishing

Post by caars »

Wait, I'm guessing you are using "Save Party" (which *only* saves the current roster of character names as being members of the "party" you name when you save - it just tells the game to quickly load those particular characters into your party the next time you start up the game and want to leave the guild to go adventuring).

To actually save the people in your party, you need to use the "Remove Member" (or Character) command in the guild. That actually writes that particular character to the disk, and saves all of their items, gold, and stuff. You need to do that for each member of the party every time you are ready to stop playing and shut down the game.

Incidentally, the game works by flagging a character loaded into the party as "out" (of the guild) - and when you remove them from the party, they are flagged as "in" (the guild). If you try to load a character into the party that is flagged as "out" (and they're not currently in the party - like if you quit out without actually removing them from the party), that character will load from the disk (with whatever they had the last time you loaded them from the disk), but *without* any of their gold.

That's very important to remember if characters die (or something else happens to them that you don't want to "save" and have to get healed at the temple) - if you quit without removing the character you want to "reload an earlier copy of" (to get them back alive if you don't want to pay to bring them back), next time you'll be able to reload that character in the same state they were in when you left the guild before whatever disastrous adventure messed them up real bad, but they won't have any of their gold. If you DO give their gold to a character who you DO save off (i.e. remove from party) before quitting, the character you saved with their gold will still have it.

Yes, it's technically "cheating" (I did it when I was originally learning how to play the game ages ago, but now I "ironman" it - whatever happens to my characters, no matter how bad, gets saved ... even if I have to create new parties of "filler" characters to go hunting for enough gold to get my original party members all raised from the dead), but it'll give you some insight into how the game actually saves your characters (and why your gold keeps disappearing).
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Re: Problem with Gold Vanishing

Post by dulsi »

I saw someone post his Adventurer's Guild roster after beating BT1. I don't remember if he decided not to resurrect anyone or simply if he didn't have the money. He had a large number of dead characters to show the horrors caused by Mangar.
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