The Bard's Tale IV is officially coming!!!

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The Bard's Tale IV is officially coming!!!

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Direct source: ... 3121884160

Search the news for various other statements he has made. One thing he said is that requiring the player to draw their own map may be relegated to "hardcore mode". I hope it's more like Etrian Odyssey, where you get in-game tools to draw the map. He's talking a lot about atmosphere... does that mean getting Michael Cranford on board? Since The Bard's Tale 1 and 2 had the best atmosphere.
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Re: The Bard's Tale IV is officially coming!!!

Post by Toll »

kickstarter for BT4 starts tomorrow if anybody is thinking of contributing.

I know I will be.

Re: The Bard's Tale IV is officially coming!!!

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Some hardcore players are starting to get cranky with update 10. I actually laughed but then I asked myself if I agreed with them. Here's the gist of it:
EDIT: And from how Fargo explained it, you will have 4 slots for player-created characters, 2 for companions and 1 for summoned creature, so basically taking the companions will be practically forced if you don't want to handicap yourself.
Yes. It's completely inappropriate, BT is not a game about companions with stories it's about delving dungeons, killing monsters and leveling up, I sure as hell don't want some companion interrupting my adventuring with their life story every second, and even if the companions are optional it's still resources in the wrong places, and it's a waste of oxygen during the Kickstarter campaign. I want to hear about the character system, the classes, spells, races and combat.
Yeah, i totally don't want some know-it-all NPCs interrupting my adventuring and exploration, with their stories and expositions, further destroying my imagination. I have dozens of RPGs that feature such chatter and more to come soon, so i don't need another one. Instead i want to slaughter hordes of monsters for distraction.
There's nothing worse for a 30-something family man, trying to get the most out of his brief gaming sessions, than having to read a bunch of text (or watch cutscenes, or audio) instead of getting involved in the action. The worst bit is that if you try to skip through it you either feel that you might be missing something, or (worse) accidentally click a dialogue option by accident... so you just end up skim-read rushing through it just incase. If this game ends up pandering to the Infinity Engine audience it'll be a damn shame. ... 42&t=13201

Too bad there arn't more modules for btbuilder...

I do like all the music files and the free BT1-3 pack however. Video game music goes well with work.
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Re: The Bard's Tale IV is officially coming!!!

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So how does everyone feel about this footage of the alpha?

It doesn't feel that much like Bard's tale to me from what I have seen but I do like that the puzzles and the items puzzles especially. The blue glowing grid puts me off though it gives me a sci-fi vibe.
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Re: The Bard's Tale IV is officially coming!!!

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Visually, it looks great. Go figure, it's Unity. However, I loathe the combat I saw. I hate the fact they went the MMO route and used "special" attacks, spells slots, etc. Watching the combat was enough to put me off the game, which is sad, as I was looking forward to it.

Then again, this is Brian Fargo. Everyone seemed to have a problem with him from the EA days. Cranford left 'cos of him, Burger didn't like him. Considering the "first" Bard's Tale game he made with inXile, it's not surprising it's that bad.

As for BTBuilder games, check out Caars Module. It's a lot of fun. Mine are in development hell. There's too many things I need in the engine to see my vision done, I haven't worked on it in well over a year now. Ironically, I have moved on to Unity, as well. The new project I'm working on, however, is more a hybrid of BTIII and Wizardry 8. I'm just waiting for the under the hood asset I'm using to support party members. That should be the end of this month. Once that happens, I should be able to have a prototype done in a couple of months.
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Re: The Bard's Tale IV is officially coming!!!

Post by Marco »

Wasn't it released just this past fall?

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