Ordering From The USA While In Canada...

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Ordering From The USA While In Canada...

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So. I found these puddle lights for my 4-door muscle car. Thing is, they're in Illinois and I live in...not Illinois. :?

I ordered 2 sets of 2. They shipped out the first half of my order because they were the last in stock. Fine, whatever, they'll ship the remainder when new stock arrives.

So I had to wait 2 months and send a rather annoyed e-mail before they sent the other 2 lights out. Only, they sent them to my previous address (I had moved in the interim). They did this despite my informing them of my new address prior.

They say no problem we'll send out another set to the right address, sorry about that. Ok great.

Well, I get an update saying that my order has arrived at the processing facility...in freaking POLAND!

I don't live in Poland. I live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

What the hell.

I'mma send my Chronomancer to talk to these fools I think. :evil:
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