Hospital Gave Me OxyCodone

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Hospital Gave Me OxyCodone

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So, I have an abscessed tooth causing me all kinds of wonderful pain.

I went to the dentist and he's like, "Yeah you need to go to Emerg at the hospital and have them give you IV antibiotics to make the swelling go down before we proceed here."

So I went down to the emergency department, and after being stabbed in the arm a bunch of times by nurses trying to find my veins :? they finally administered said antibiotic.

When they discharged me, they gave me 4 325mg pills called OxyCodone for when the pain returns.

Well, it returned around 6pm and I reluctantly took one.

Holy. Hannah.

My wife says I was in the bathtub doing "air drums" to Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight", the bit where the outtro kicks in, and I was singing at the top of my lungs. Badly.

I felt no pain all right, but I was also absent from the planet for a bit.

I don't like not being in perfect command of my faculties.
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