Special Events Override Monster Roster

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Special Events Override Monster Roster

Post by Darendor »

So, just another piece of BTII trivia I've stumbled upon...

Special events in the game can override a monster's stats. Case in point being Lagoth Zanta.

A side by side comparison of the stat values found in the file vs how they appear in memory (i.e. when the final battle is underway) is as follows:

Code: Select all

Lagoth Zanta Data (File)	Lagoth Zanta Data (Game Memory)
[16 bytes for name]		[16 bytes for name]
Byte 10: FF			00	<--
Byte 11: 1F   			1F
Byte 12: FF 			FF
Byte 13: 04			04
Byte 14: 00   			01	<--
Byte 15: 09			09
Byte 16: 1F      		1F
Byte 17: 00         		00
Byte 18: 5F			5F
Byte 19: 4D			4D
Byte 1A: 4E   			4E 
Byte 1B: 4E			4E
Byte 1C: 57 			57
Byte 1D: 02    			02 
Byte 1E: 3D	 		3C	<-- Sage w/staff
Byte 1F: 05    			91	<--
As you can see, 4 values are altered by the special event when it checks to see if the party has assembled the wand (and if they've defeated Lagoth Zanta yet).

Byte 10 is the base HP low byte, byte 14 is the # appearing (originally as 1, set in memory as 1-4), byte 1E is the picture file, and 1F is the dual bitfield for pronoun and start distance. 05 is an invalid entry so it displays as 00', but in reality he starts the fight at 90'...

The special event probably modifies the stats as a result of playtesting feedback ("he's too hard") or something.
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