C64 BT3 Multiple Diskdrive Support?

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C64 BT3 Multiple Diskdrive Support?

Post by Presbyter »

Hi everybody,

I'm playing on a real C64 - anyone knows if a second disk drive is supported by the game if I get one?

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Post by ZeroZero »

Hi, and no, unfortunately on the C64 only one drive is supported.
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Post by Twoflower »

Well, that depends. :-)

Just located a little program which seems to decode the data contained in the Prodos diskformat and copy them over to CMD-devices. This should also fix the issue with the drive being locked to drive #8. As for now, this fix does only support CMD HD, CMD FD (3.5 inch disk), CMD RamLink and the above with SuperCPU+RAM. Should be fairly easy to mod this, although I haven't looked at it - quite a breakthrough though.

Download the patch from: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6d2ei1
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Post by 8bitweapon »

Can someone make this happen, I would love this!
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Post by Masselino »

I also play the thief of fate on my c64 but I have a cartridge riser card which has bt1-3 installed. I don´t need to change disks or something and the time of loading is not worth to be mentioned at all. So I still play the game since 1988 and my geomancer charakter in bt3 is over level 3575 yet without cheating or something. There is no brandmark on the cartridge and even the software gives me no clue to the manufacturer name, so I think it´s a homebrew software on that cartridge. My father gave my that incredible gift after he visited London in 1988. I have tried to read out that software and saved it on my computer, but it won´t work at all.
All I can say it´s possible to join all the disk images in one and there will be no diskchange anymore.
Sorry to you I´ve no better answer.
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Post by Darendor »

You know, that would be one nice cartridge image to host on the website...
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