experience and others

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experience and others

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Since these are the English created using the automatic translation tool, a meaning may not be transmitted correctly.
I started BT3 and cleared three Qwest.
However, there are some questions about future.

1. Although it is written to Walkthrough whether LV(s) (HP, SP, ST, IQ, etc.) of a character are finally as required as which, isn't there any method of improving efficiently?
(It is for example, like the berserker of BT1, or the summons monster of BT2)

2. Even if a character improves, neither IQ nor CN increases in many cases.
(LK and DX go up frequently.)
Is this accidental?
A difference was not looked at by the tendency even if tried how many times.

3. Isn't there any place which can stock an item in somewhere?
For the moment, a character is created too much and it corresponds.
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