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Take 5 Minutes To Read This

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I recently made a decision to clean up this forum. As the board's resident moderator I'm the only person able to make such decisions.

I've been met with personal attacks in private and in public as a result of this, and I'd like to just ask those who have a negative opinion of me personally to set aside your issue and think for a moment.

Is this forum supposed to condone illegal activity? No.

Is it supposed to be an advertising agency for one person's private programming subject? No.

This is all I see the board used for nowadays.

I've removed one user's posts from this board entirely as a direct result of their insistence that they continue their stupidity against me.

If you disagree with my decisions, contact the board administrator and complain about me. I'm sure he'd be keen to know that I've gone maverick. :roll:

Hate me? I don't care. I'm moderating this fansite forum. If you're unable to contain your rage might I suggest punching a brick wall and pretend it's me.

That is all.
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