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Spelling Thinktank

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Since I did such an awesome job that no one has any complaints on Bt Builder I've been coding up a side project.

My oldest is in first grade and I wondered how he would do with spelling tests. Since he enjoys playing with Legos, I decided to try to use that. I created a simple spelling game using the Lego Movie setting. The plan is to have multiple possible endings but that isn't implemented yet. There is also not enough words implemented yet. You can create text files to limit the words used in the game. Right now one if included with all the spelling words my son has had. Most of those words aren't in yet. If you don't select a word list all available words are used.

The game consists of trying to free 10 people from thinktanks. After succeeding you face the boss monster. Unlike the other times it doesn't directly tell you what word to spell. Multiple answers are accepted. Eventually it will have clues as you face the boss monster but that isn't implemented yet.


(I also need to retake the pictures of the thinktank with the tripod setup so that the images match up properly.)

This does have what I hate about "Lego" games. Specifically no building involved.
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Re: Spelling Thinktank

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Actually, so far I haven't been running into any major problems with Bt Builder, so I've been quietly working on / testing my modules (really the "work" one, not the "at home" one). I'm waiting to have a significant portion of that one done and tested before I post it, so it could be a while.

I did give thinktank a try just for fun. Cute! Certainly a case with a lot of the "characters" of the "clue" being pretty obvious in hindsight, but not always easy to guess right off the bat (I'd imagine if you're actually familiar with the word list, it gets a lot easier - but I just played it without looking at the list).
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