List of weapon stats?

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List of weapon stats?

Post by rasiel »

Hey guys, new player here!

I'm wondering if anyone has a list of the weapon stats. There's a list that shows all the items and their costs but it doesn't show how good each kind of weapon is. For example, a hawkblade costs the same as a Kael's axe but the axe is way better. I'm guessing it does about 40pts dmg on average.

Thanks for any help!
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Re: List of weapon stats?

Post by Brian the Fist »

There are some item lists on the main webpage of the Adventurers' Guild but I think no stats like damage are listed there (only cost and AC).
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Re: List of weapon stats?

Post by caars »

The Bard's Tale Wiki actually has a pretty complete item list for Tales of the Unknown - including the damage (and hit bonus) associated with the weapons.

If you do a search for Items, the top article that'll come up is Tales of the Unknown: Items. That should have what you're looking for!
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Re: List of weapon stats?

Post by Maven » ... wn_:_Items

Code: Select all

Name            Damage  Cost    Special         Armor   Classes
Broadsword      2d4     80                              Wa Pa Ba Hu     
Short Sword     1d8     30                              Wa Pa Ro Ba Hu  
Dagger          1d4     20                              All     
War Axe         2d4     70                              Wa Pa Ba Hu     
Halbard         1d16    200                             Wa Pa Hu Mo     
Mace            1d8     60                              Wa Pa Ro Ba Hu Mo       
Staff           1d8     20                              All     
Mthr Sword      2d4+1   300                             Wa Pa Ro Ba Hu  
Bardsword       2d8+1   700     Unlimited Bard Songs    Bard    
Mthr Dagger     1d4+1   200                             All     
Mthr Axe        2d4+1   300                             Wa Pa Ba Hu Mo  
Mthr Mace       1d8     300                             Wa Pa Ro Ba Hu Mo       
Kael's Axe      5d4+2   600     Poison                  Wa Pa Ba Hu     
Blood Axe       6d4+2   700                             Hunter  
Dayblade        3d8+1   400     MAFL                    Wa Pa Ba Hu Co Ma So    
Shield Staff    1d16+1  1000                    +2AC    Wa Pa Hu Co Ma So Wi    
Hawkblade       3d8     600                             Wa Pa Ba Hu     
Admt Sword      2d4+2   500                             Wa Pa Ba Hu     
Admt Dagger     1d4+2   300                             All     
Admt Mace       1d8+2   400                             Wa Pa Ro Ba Hu  
Broom           1d4+2   600     MALE                    Co Ma So Wi     
Pureblade       2d16    600     FLAN                    Paladin 
Mage Staff      3d8     5000    +1 MP Regen     +2AC    Co Ma So Wi     
War Staff       4d8     6000                            Wa Ro Ba Hu Co Ma So Wi
Thief Dagger    5d4     1100                            Thief   
Soul Mace       2d8+1   1500    Possession              Hu Wi   
Wither Staff    3d4+2   4000    Old                     Ro Hu Mo Wi     
Sorcerstaff     3d4+3   8000    DIIL            +2AC    Co Ma So Wi     
Sword of Pak    3d8+2   3000    LESU                    Wa Hu   
Dmnd Sword      2d4+3   1200                            Wa Pa Hu        
Dmnd Dagger     1d4+3   800                             Wa Pa Ro Ba Wi  
Conjurstaff     3d4+2   8000    Halves spell costs      Co Ma So Wi     
Arc's Hammer    4d8+1   4000    LERE                    Wa Pa Ba Hu     
Staff of Lor    5d4+1   9000    REST/Insanity           Co Ma So        
Powerstaff      3d8+1   12000   WAST                    Co Ma So Wi     
Mournblade      2d16+1  4000    Level drain             Hunter  
Spectre Mace    3d8+5   20000   Level drain             Wa Hu Wi        
Troll Staff     4d4+4   100000  +1 HP Regen             Wa Ro Ba Hu Co Ma So Wi
Crystal Sword   2d16+1  500                             Wa Pa Ba Hu     
Stoneblade      3d8+1   70000   Stone                   Wa Hu   
Death Dagger    3d4+3   60000   Critical                Wa Ro Ba Hu Mo Wi       
Spectre Snare   4d16+1  200000  SPBI/Critical   +8AC    Wa Ba Hu Wi
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