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Party Member Status: DBTC

Post by Darendor »

I fell into a diabetic coma while driving a few weeks back. I was close to death with a blood glucose level of 55.6 mmol/L. Normal is 5-8.

I was hospitalized and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, as well as major depression and two types of anxiety. I had a few extreme panic attacks while in hospital.

A side effect of diabetes is that my vision is blurred and I cannot drive or even walk that well in this state. I can use the internet by holding my phone close to my face.

I am on a vast array of drugs now and I have a neat meter where I have to prick my finger every day or so to check my blood sugar level. Last reading was 8.

So no more huge cups of Coke while decoding BTII. In fact, no more sugar for a long time.

I deserve this I guess. I never smoke or drink alcohol or do drugs, but I do love my sugary crap.

Guess I burned out my pancreas.
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Re: Party Member Status: DBTC

Post by altsan »

Sorry to hear that. Hope your health stabilizes.

I used to drink tons of sugary crap too (I'm basically immune to coffee, so sugar is almost the only thing I can use keep myself artificially awake). Lately I've been trying to train myself to develop a liking for tea (of various kinds) instead, with some moderate success.
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