Harkyn Castle 396 bersekers

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Harkyn Castle 396 bersekers

Post by WarrioirOfIce »

This is the easiest way to go up in level
3 magic users or 2 able to cast mibl mangar mind blade
1 able to cast rest after the fight
with your 3 fighters just click defend
repeat for 65000xp each time. (and an amazing amount of gold)

Enter Harkyn castle, cast APAR +5 north, +12 east, +2 up
then after you won the fight cast apar again +0 north, +0east, -2 down
repeat, cast APAR +0 north, +0 east, +2 up

when you've had enough, cast apar -5 north, -12 east, -2 down to exit the castle.
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Re: Harkyn Castle 396 bersekers

Post by Darendor »

Just make sure that the party isn't carrying "Robes" or else the encounter will clear itself (as it is supposed to).
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