Minor oddities and inconsistencies

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Minor oddities and inconsistencies

Post by Marco »

Due to my enforced isolation because of this pesky virus, I have been wrapping up a few old projects that were sitting around collecting dust in my hard drive. One of them was updating my comprehensive BT1-3 monster lists. I have discovered a few minor oddities, which I wonder if anyone else noticed.

In the Apple IIe, c64, and Spectrum versions, the character class is spelled "Conjurer" while the monsters are spelled "Conjuror" (including the Master Conjuror). In 16-bit versions, the given spelling is "Conjurer" for both monsters and character classes.

The Master Wizard monster is never encountered as a hostile wandering monster, but it can be encountered as a friendly wandering monster. I have made comprehensive list of all the wandering monster rosters on every level. Starting with Sewers L3, there are 32 types of random monsters on every level until Mangar's Tower L4-5, which has 33 types. In Mangar's Tower L4-5, hostiles are drawn from the first 32 of the 33 (excluding the Master Wizard), while friendlies are drawn from the last 32 of the 33 (excluding the highest level Conjurer before the Master Conjurer). If you look at the monster list extracted from the MS-DOS versions files, monsters #80-112 comprise the Mangar L4-5 roster: The Conjuror is monster #80 and the Master Wizard is monster #112.

I also noticed that on the MS-DOS version's extracted monster list, the Mercenary is monster #15, while the mysterious Death Denizen is monster #115. There is an extremely out-of-place encounter with 4 Mercenaries in "Mangar's Crypt" in Mangar's Tower L4. My pet theory is that this encounter was intended to be with 4 Death Denizens -- it's easy to imagine them inadvertently placing monster #15 instead of #115 during the coding process. I could be reading too much into this, though. For all I know, the numbering/placement of monsters was all done in hexadecimal, which would debunk my theory.

At some point, I am going to have updated versions of my monster lists ready to replace my older ones that have been available here for some time.

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Re: Minor oddities and inconsistencies

Post by Darendor »

From what I remember when ZeroZero was doing his disassembly project, the Death Denizen is impossible to encounter on the C64 organically.

I seem to remember the Master Wand item summoning a Master Wizard. Or maybe a Master Mage. Master Sorcerer? :?

The lists were coded in hexadecimal. As was the entire frickin' game. It still hurts my head trying to convert hex to decimal mentally. :?
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