BT II - Fanskar's Castle Entrance

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BT II - Fanskar's Castle Entrance

Post by Darendor »

BT2 Character Disk
#$EA | 234 | EOR all bytes against 11101010
2 blocks; 258 bytes; 70ea to 71e8 inclusive; $9a00 to 9b02 memory.

City event file for accessing Fanskar's Castle.
$9acc to $9b02 appears to be superfluous.

Code: Select all

.C:9a00  E6 C1       INC $C1
.C:9a02  A2 10       LDX #$10
.C:9a04  20 1B 08    JSR $081B		Load picture #$10
.C:9a07  A9 9A       LDA #$9A
.C:9a09  85 59       STA $59
.C:9a0b  A9 43       LDA #$43
.C:9a0d  85 58       STA $58
.C:9a0f  20 0F 08    JSR $080F		Display "Castle" caption.
.C:9a12  20 E1 08    JSR $08E1
.C:9a15  A0 9A       LDY #$9A
.C:9a17  A2 4A       LDX #$4A
.C:9a19  20 06 08    JSR $0806		"You stand in the entry..."
.C:9a1c  20 78 08    JSR $0878		Wait for keypress
.C:9a1f  20 87 08    JSR $0887		Analyze key pressed?
.C:9a22  C9 D4       CMP #$D4
.C:9a24  F0 14       BEQ $9A3A		Take stairs?  Go to $9a3a
.C:9a26  C9 C5       CMP #$C5
.C:9a28  D0 F2       BNE $9A1C		Exit?  No?  Back to $9a1c
.C:9a2a  A9 00       LDA #$00		Begin exit routine
.C:9a2c  85 24       STA $24
.C:9a2e  C6 28       DEC $28
.C:9a30  A9 00       LDA #$00
.C:9a32  85 2F       STA $2F
.C:9a34  20 E1 08    JSR $08E1
.C:9a37  4C 00 90    JMP $9000		Exited, back to main engine
.C:9a3a  A9 07       LDA #$07		Load dungeon #$07
.C:9a3c  85 E0       STA $E0		Store it in $e0
.C:9a3e  A9 01       LDA #$01		First floor
.C:9a40  4C 99 08    JMP $0899		Dungeon level loader
.C:9a43  C3 E1       DCP ($E1,X)	[C][a]
.C:9a45  F3 F4       ISB ($F4),Y	[s][t]
.C:9a47  EC E5 DC    CPX $DCE5		[l][e][EOT]
.C:9a4a  D9 EF F5    CMP $F5EF,Y	[Y][o][u]
.C:9a4d  A0 F3       LDY #$F3		[_][s]
.C:9a4f  F4 E1       NOOP $E1,X		[t][a]
.C:9a51  EE E4 A0    INC $A0E4		[n][d][_]
.C:9a54  E9 EE       SBC #$EE		[i][n]
.C:9a56  A0 F4       LDY #$F4		[_][t]
.C:9a58  E8          INX		[h]
.C:9a59  E5 A0       SBC $A0		[e][_]
.C:9a5b  E5 EE       SBC $EE		[e][n]
.C:9a5d  F4 F2       NOOP $F2,X		[t][r]
.C:9a5f  F9 A0 F4    SBC $F4A0,Y	[y][_][t]
.C:9a62  EF A0 C6    ISB $C6A0		[o][_][F]
.C:9a65  E1 EE       SBC ($EE,X)	[a][n]
.C:9a67  F3 EB       ISB ($EB),Y	[s][k]
.C:9a69  E1 F2       SBC ($F2,X)	[a][r]
.C:9a6b  A7 F3       LAX $F3		['][s]
.C:9a6d  A0 C6       LDY #$C6		[_][F]
.C:9a6f  EF F2 F4    ISB $F4F2		[o][r][t]
.C:9a72  F2          JAM		[r]
.C:9a73  E5 F3       SBC $F3		[e][s]
.C:9a75  F3 AE       ISB ($AE),Y	[s][.]
.C:9a77  A0 C1       LDY #$C1		[_][A]
.C:9a79  A0 F3       LDY #$F3		[_][s]
.C:9a7b  F4 E1       NOOP $E1,X		[t][a]
.C:9a7d  E9 F2       SBC #$F2		[i][r]
.C:9a7f  F7 E1       ISB $E1,X		[w][a]
.C:9a81  F9 A0 EC    SBC $ECA0,Y	[y][_][l]
.C:9a84  E5 E1       SBC $E1		[e][a]
.C:9a86  E4 F3       CPX $F3		[d][s]
.C:9a88  A0 F4       LDY #$F4		[_][t]
.C:9a8a  EF A0 F4    ISB $F4A0		[o][_][t]
.C:9a8d  E8          INX		[h]
.C:9a8e  E5 A0       SBC $A0		[e][_]
.C:9a90  ED E1 E9    SBC $E9E1		[m][a][i]
.C:9a93  EE A0 EC    INC $ECA0		[n][_][l]
.C:9a96  E5 F6       SBC $F6		[e][v]
.C:9a98  E5 EC       SBC $EC		[e][l]
.C:9a9a  AE A0 A0    LDX $A0A0		[.][_][_]
.C:9a9d  D9 EF F5    CMP $F5EF,Y	[Y][o][u]
.C:9aa0  A0 E3       LDY #$E3		[_][c]
.C:9aa2  E1 EE       SBC ($EE,X)	[a][n]
.C:9aa4  00          BRK		[CR]
.C:9aa5  00          BRK		[CR]
.C:9aa6  A8          TAY		[(]
.C:9aa7  D4 A9       NOOP $A9,X		[T][)]
.C:9aa9  E1 EB       SBC ($EB,X)	[a][k]
.C:9aab  E5 A0       SBC $A0		[e][_]
.C:9aad  F4 E8       NOOP $E8,X		[t][h]
.C:9aaf  E5 A0       SBC $A0		[e][_]
.C:9ab1  F3 F4       ISB ($F4),Y	[s][t]
.C:9ab3  E1 E9       SBC ($E9,X)	[a][i]
.C:9ab5  F2          JAM		[r]
.C:9ab6  F7 E1       ISB $E1,X		[w][a]
.C:9ab8  F9 00 A8    SBC $A800,Y	[y][CR][(]
.C:9abb  C5 A9       CMP $A9		[E][)]
.C:9abd  F8          SED		[x]
.C:9abe  E9 F4       SBC #$F4		[i][t]
.C:9ac0  A0 F4       LDY #$F4		[_][t]
.C:9ac2  E8          INX		[h]
.C:9ac3  E5 A0       SBC $A0		[e][_]
.C:9ac5  E3 E1       ISB ($E1,X)	[c][a]
.C:9ac7  F3 F4       ISB ($F4),Y	[s][t]
.C:9ac9  EC E5 DC    CPX $DCE5		[l][e][EOT]
.C:9acc  A6 A9       LDX $A9
.C:9ace  00          BRK
.C:9acf  8D 65 AA    STA $AA65
.C:9ad2  8D 74 AA    STA $AA74
.C:9ad5  8D 66 AA    STA $AA66
.C:9ad8  8D 6C AA    STA $AA6C
.C:9adb  8D 6D AA    STA $AA6D
.C:9ade  20 DC BF    JSR $BFDC
.C:9ae1  AD 5D AA    LDA $AA5D
.C:9ae4  20 A4 A1    JSR $A1A4
.C:9ae7  D0 1F       BNE $9B08
.C:9ae9  C9 8D       CMP #$8D
.C:9aeb  D0 F7       BNE $9AE4
.C:9aed  AE 5F AA    LDX $AA5F
.C:9af0  AD 65 AA    LDA $AA65
.C:9af3  1D 0A A9    ORA $A90A,X
.C:9af6  5D 0A A9    EOR $A90A,X
.C:9af9  D0 93       BNE $9A8E
.C:9afb  AE FF 02    LDX $02FF
.C:9afe  FF FF B9    ISB $B9FF,X
.C:9b01  36 9B       ROL $9B,X
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