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Yes. Games now-a-days focus too much on realistic 3D graphics and realtime hack n' slash. What this world needs is a back to the basics 2D map gridded turn-based thought provoking, puzzle solving, 6 character party based, strategy wielding rpg in a fantasy or sci-fi setting. I'm sure there would be enough people willing to purchase such a game.
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Chaney wrote:I don't mean Bard's Tale itself. You could use similar story lines, actions, items, etc... BTIII was actually my favorite, and that is where she was the lead. That imagination and skill could definitely put out a similar game, but new.
Bard's Tale III, in my mind, did something amazing: it took Michael Cranford's fairly generic setting and made something that's an artistic success, as well as improved the game-play. I'd have been satisfied with just the latter. ;)

Playing Bard's Tale III feels quite different from the other two games as a result. The avatar I chose for this forum, to me, is symbolic of BTIII. On the cover of the game there's a party of adventurers standing before the burning city of Skara Brae, with Tarjan's menacing shadow reaching over it. And at first glance the four look like they could've come from any old RPG--but then I look at the expressions on their faces, and I realize they belong especially to BTIII.

I've seen old interviews with Burger Becky in which she discussed how the design for the fourth game was basically complete, and just waiting for the opportunity to have it funded and published. It seems like the market is just not in the mood, or at least it wasn't. The Wizardry people at Sir-Tech suffered a similar fate--their last game was great, and yet for some reason costs and schedules made it impossible for them to get sufficient funding.

Burger Becky's name is on several of my favorite games. A couple of years ago I sold my Amiga on Ebay, and for the picture I composed a "Parker Brothers" shot--in other words, me playing an Amiga game and apparently having much more fun than humanly possible. The game on the screen is Battlechess. :lol:
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In my opinion, while BTIII is a great game, I feel it's a little bit "bogged down" compared to BTII in terms of gameplay and speed and graphics redrawing and such.

That's not to say I don't like either; I like them just fine.
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