BT 1 CBM64 roster file format

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Sorry no, I did disassemble some of the C64 code, but none of the DOS.

Also, only certain item classes (had to look up which, is some bits set in
item number) expire. Many last forever.
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In the Items & Monster specs post in the developers heaven, there is an overview of the items and their specifications in the DOS version.
The second column of the list contains the on use specifications
This byte seems to contain info about who it affects (single target, group, self,...) and the actual effect.

I don't think that byte contains any info on how many times an item can be used, nor can I find any change in any file after using an item. So unless there is another set of bytes containing this info (which I doubt), it may be very possible that items like Fire Horns, Frost Horns,... have a chance of expiring on every use.

Then again, we still miss the info on the prices of items in Garth's. Maybe there's more info on items out there :)
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@bytesmythe: Did you want to make items expire sooner? Did you want to give them a set number of uses before they expire? Did you want to make them not expire at all?

Some of those would be easier than others to change.
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