Thief of Fate Amiga version bad

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Thief of Fate Amiga version bad

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I would like to know if there exists a corrected Version of Thief of Fate for Amiga.

Unlike the really great C64 version, that for Amiga (and DOS) is a complete desaster. I do not mind the ugly graphics, compared to BT1 ans BT2. Its the fact that some vital things do not work. The Monsters are nearly harmless. Any special attack ist disabled; dragons do not breath, slayers do not slay. Really frightning foes like the Wing Evenoms or Brilhasti stupidly stand around, waiting to be slaughtered. How boring!!

Nevertheless I tried to bash Tarjans head; I was stopped in the Death Valley, when I found that the secret door in the wall just was not there. I tried the whole wall, found nothing and finally smashed the Disk into the corner.

So if somebody knows if there is a corrected version, please tell me. That would be great.
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