What to do with those files?

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That's a great link Zerozero. I can think of nothing worse than battling all the way to the top of Mangar's tower only to find he's not there!

Silverbird, I hope the CCS64 emulator is working better for you now. CCS64 is the most processor intensive, so if your PC is suffering, then I can recommend changing the CCS64 graphics setting to skip frames, with value 2 or 3 say. You wont notice any difference during play, but your PC CPU will notice the difference.

Snapshot saves are not associated with the CCS64 exe by default, but this can easily be changed by right clicking a CCS snapshot file and select 'preferences' to associate the file type to your CCS64 executable.

If CCS64 is proving to be too troublesome for you, then an alternative great C64 emulator is called Vice. You might find that one to be easier to use, especially if the latest Vice version runs on your PC.
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ZeroZero wrote:1. ok ;-)
2. eg. here: Arnold's disks
3. Honestly: I never played BT2 or BT3 fully, so I don't know. Anyone else can recommend a version for Silverbird?
Thank you.
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