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Emulators: Infos & Downloads

Many of this site's downloadable Bard's Tale files are image files of original disk-sets. In order to run these image files on a standard MS-DOS/Windows based personal computer, you need to install an emulation software. Each computer system needs another specific emulator as you can see below.

Commodore Amiga Emulator:

WinUAE 2.300
Installation-File: InstallWinUAE2300.exe (2605K)
Official WinUAE Homesite:
WinUAE Official Homesite

Commodore 64 Emulator:

CCS64 Emulator 3.8
Installation-File: (1640K)
CCS64-Manual: CCS64Manual.pdf (134K)
Official CCS64 Repository:

Atari ST Emulator:

SainT Atari Emulator 2.00
Installation-File: SainT.rar (1155K)
Documentation: Online Version
Official SainT Resource:
SainT Emulation Page

Steem Atari Emulator 3.2
Installation-File: (612K)
Documentation: (327K)
TOS-Files (1.02 + 2.06): (232K) // (230K) // (128K)
Other TOS-Files (almost every language):
Official Steem-Engine Page:

Steem Engine

Apple II Emulator:

ApplePC Emulator 2.52b
Installation-File: (33K)
Apple-ROM-Files: (53K)
Documentation: Apple-Emuhelp.pdf (49K)
ApplePC Emulator

AppleWin Emulator 1.13.1
Installation-File: (745K)
AppleWin Homesite

Apple Macintosh Emulator:

Power64 Emulator 4.93
OS X Edition (Compressed Disk Image): Power64-OSX.dmg (2867K)
OS X Edition (StuffIt-X compressed): Power64-OSX.sitx (2122K)
Classic MacOS Edition (StuffIt-X compressed/HQX encoded): Power64.hqx (3033K)
Classic MacOS Edition (StuffIt-X compressed): Power64.sit (2236K)
Short Setup Guide (by Stephen Tompkins): BT-Power64-iMac.txt (2K)
Online Manual:
Official Power64 Website:
Power64 Emulator

MS-DOS Emulator:

DOSBox x86 Emulator 0.72 & D-Fend DOSBox Frontend
Installation-File: DOSBox.exe (1258K)
Installation-File: D-Fend.exe (1149K)
Official DOSBox Site:
Homesite of D-Fend:
Official DOSBox SiteHomesite of D-Fend

More emulators to come...