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The Bard's Tale:
A Quest for Coin and Cleavage

The Bard's Tale - Inexile
The Bard's Tale - Inexile

inXile Entertainment has decided to change the public's view of the traditional bard. No longer wishing him to be seen as a traveling man in tights who sings his way to the king's side, Brian Fargo's team of developers have decided to show a different side of this vocally active journeyman.

The Bard's Tale is the story of one bard's quest for gold and horizontal companionship; in this tale, there is no evil ruler to stop from taking over the kingdom. One of the largest factors of Bard's Tale is the path traveled. Players can play the bard charming or rude, thus making different NPCs like or dislike you, which leads to different quests depending on your approach. May could have another hot title on its hands with Bard's Tale.

With its interesting dialogue, fast-paced combat, mysterious summons, and legendary music (of which the official site makes a point of stating "with singing"), Bard's Tale has made a choice of its own: to single-handedly change a genre.