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Bard Songs

  The Song I sing
Will tell the tale
Of a cold and wintery day;

Of castle walls
And torchlit halls
And a price man had to pay.

When evil fled
And brave men bled
The Dark one came to stay.

Till men of old
For blood and gold
Had rescued Skara Brae.


The following songs have been respectfully taken from Mecandes' Bard's Tale Compendium and from Lina's unforgettable Bard Songs. Visit these pages whenever you have time to.


Adapted from the PC version of Bard's Tale

Bard's Tale 1 (Seeker's Ballad): BT1-2.mid (2525 bytes)
Bard's Tale 1 (Badh'r Kilnfest): BT1-4.mid (19K)

Bard's Tale 2 (Archer's Tune): BT2-1.mid (3922 bytes)
Bard's Tale 2 (Spellsong): BT2-2.mid (5137 bytes)
Bard's Tale 2 (Sanctuary Score): BT2-3.mid (3146 bytes)
Bard's Tale 2 (Melee March): BT2-4.mid (3762 bytes)
Bard's Tale 2 (Rhyme of Duotime): BT2-6.mid (3240 bytes)
Bard's Tale 2 (Watchwood Melody): BT2-7.mid (5651 bytes)

Bard's Tale 3 (Sir Robin's Tune): BT3-1.mid (2060 bytes)
Bard's Tale 3 (Safety Song): BT3-2.mid (2029 bytes)
Bard's Tale 3 (Sanctuary Score): BT3-3.mid (2943 bytes)
Bard's Tale 3 (Kiel's Overture): BT3-7.mid (2419 bytes)

Archive containing all Thief of Fate Songs: [ ZIP ] (5924 bytes)

Bard's Tale CS (Bringaround Ballad): BTCS-3.mid (35K)

Bard's Tale NES: NES-Melody.mid (8K)


Adapted from the Commodore 64 version of Bard's Tale

Bard's Tale 1 (Falkentyne's Fury): BT1-Falkentynes-Fury.mp3 (108K)
Bard's Tale 1 (Wayland's Watch): BT1-Waylands-Watch.mp3 (58K)
Bard's Tale 1 (Badh'r Kilnfest): BT1-Badhr-Kilnfest.mp3 (158K)
Bard's Tale 1 (The Traveller's Tune): BT1-The-Travellers-Tune.mp3 (150K)
Bard's Tale 1 (Lucklaran): BT1-Lucklaran.mp3 (98K)

Bard's Tale 2 (The Archer's Tune): BT2-The-Archers-Tune.mp3 (152K)
Bard's Tale 2 (Spellsong): BT2-Spellsong.mp3 (214K)
Bard's Tale 2 (Rhyme of Duotime): BT2-Rhyme-of-Duotime.mp3 (210K)
Bard's Tale 2 (Sanctuary Score): BT2-Sanctuary-Score.mp3 (736K)

Bard's Tale 3 (Sanctuary Score): BT3-Sanctuary-Score.mp3 (82K)

Archive containing Bard's Tale 3 sounds: (10,8 MB)
Many thanks to Andy C. for ripping the sounds and providing them to this site.

Adapted from the Apple II version of Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight
Many thanks to Alex Lee for providing it to the Adventurers' Guild.

Track 01: Zanduvar Carack.mp3 (511K)
Track 02: Wayland Watch.mp3 (345K)
Track 03: Lucklaran.mp3 (696K)
Track 04: Falkentyne's Fury.mp3 (765K)
Track 05: Traveller's Tune.mp3 (730K)
Track 06: Seeker's Ballad.mp3 (988K)
Track 07: Badh'r Kilnfest.mp3 (399K)
Track 08: Healing Temple #1.mp3 (1.16 MB)
Track 09: The Archer's Tune.mp3 (741K)
Track 10: Spellsong.mp3 (586K)
Track 11: Sanctuary Score.mp3 (647K)
Track 12: Melee March.mp3 (321K)
Track 13: Rhyme of Duotime.mp3 (403K)
Track 14: Watchwood Melody.mp3 (398K)
Track 15: Healing Temple #2.mp3 (2.25 MB)
Track 16: Heal Chant.mp3 (139K)

Archive containing all 16 tracks: (10.7 MB)

Original Soundtrack from Bard's Tale: A Quest for Coin & Cleavage

Track 01: Here's to the Bard - Title Track (5.17 MB)
Track 02: Here's to the Bard - Viking Mix (2.84 MB)
Track 03: Beer, Beer, Beer! (3.82 MB)
Track 04: McGrath Castle (2.79 MB)
Track 05: The Chosen One #1 (2.84 MB)
Track 06: The Chosen One #2 (2.83 MB)
Track 07: The Chosen One #3 (2.83 MB)
Track 08: The Chosen One #4 (2.83 MB)
Track 09: The Chosen One #5 (2.83 MB)
Track 10: The Chosen One #6 (2.83 MB)
Track 11: The Chosen One #7 (2.83 MB)
Track 12: The Tale of the Nuckelavee (5.18 MB)

Single archive with all tracks: The Bard's Tale Soundtrack (37.4 MB)
Alternatively you can download all files directly from inXile Entertainment.


Extracted from the Commodore 64 version of Bard's Tale

Bard's Tale 1: BT1.sid (2660 bytes)
Bard's Tale 2: BT2.sid (2330 bytes)
Bard's Tale 3: BT3.sid (2369 bytes)

If you have problems to play these SID-Files try SIDAmp - a plugin for WinAmp.